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HQ Moxie 15" Long Arm Machine on 8' Loft Frame MSRP

Now every stitch can be yours—from pieced top to finished quilt. You’ll find 15 inches of free-motion freedom in the new HQ Moxie™ longarm quilting machine. Forget basting with pins or cramming quilts through a domestic machine. Get to stitching quickly with straightforward features, easy-to-use controls, and the space to get creative. Quilt without qualms, adventure with attitude—that’s Moxie.



 Fun. Fearless. Finished.

The HQ Moxie is upfront–everything you need in one package. Practical features and optional accessories make this simple, spunky longarm the perfect quilting machine to customize and make your own.

  • 15-inch throat space and high-resolution, full-color display
  • 8-foot HQ Loft™ Frame
  • 10-ft Loft Frame includes Optional 2-foot extension kit (additional $495)
  • Compatible with the HQ Little Foot™ Frame (not recommended without consult)
  • 1,800 stitches per minute; 4-18 stitches per inch
  • Choose from Cruise or Precision stitch regulation or Manual Mode
  • High-speed rotary hook with large-capacity M-class bobbin
  • Includes ruler foot and open-toe foot
  • Compatible with all interchangeable Handi Feet
  • Built-in LED lighting to illuminate quilting space
  • USB port for easy software updates
  • Feature 3D interactive assembly instructions with the BILT app


  1. A table top for the first 8ft of frame.  The 2' extension comes with the table top.
  2. Mini-Casters for the Loft Frame. (You will need a total of 6 casters)
  3. A Ruler Base to provide a flat surface for resting rulers.
  4. HQ Moxie "Quilt from the Back" kit.  Rear handle bars and laser for doing paper pantos.
  5. Thread and fabric.  Of course.


You’ve. Got. This.

Ready to get started? Get to quilting quickly with these comprehensive, step-by-step tutorials with HQ Studio Educator, Kelly Ashton. We’ll walk you through HQ Moxie’s straightforward features and easy-to-use controls. This particular setup demonstrates the HQ Moxie on the 8-foot HQ Loft Frame. Get familiar with this cost-effective and fun way to finish quilts!